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Ceylon Mace

Mace is a spice obtained from the fleshy arils surrounding the nutmeg seed. It offers a unique flavor and aroma, reminiscent of a combination of cinnamon and pepper. Besides its culinary appeal, Mace is believed to have potential health benefits, including brain health support, improved sleep, smooth digestion, and heart health.

Culinary Uses

1. Baked Goods: Mace is used to flavor baked goods such as cakes, pastries, and muffins, adding a warm and aromatic touch.

2. Savory Dishes: It is a popular addition to savory dishes like soups, stews, and sauces, enhancing their taste with its unique flavor.

3. Rice and Grain Dishes: Mace is sprinkled over rice and grain dishes, elevating their taste and making them more enticing.

4. Meat and Poultry: It is often used to season meats and poultry, infusing them with its delightful aroma and taste.

5. Desserts: Mace enhances the flavor of desserts like custards, ice cream, and fruit salads, contributing to their overall appeal.

6. Spice Blends: Mace is a component of various spice blends, adding complexity and depth to the overall flavor profile.